I’m OK to go!

In a month I will turn 65 – but as my husband says – the alternative is worse!

Funny, funny – but all joking aside – becoming an “official” senior citizen is sobering. It boggles my mind to realize I have reached this milestone. My memories of the time before I turned six are mostly sensorial – smells, tastes, intensity – but I remember my school girl days quite clearly. And everything that came after that feels like recent history. Only, it isn’t.

And now, as one of the “old folks”, I can see a whole bunch of challenges ahead:

Senility is a concern, isn’t it? But, “I will think about that tomorrow.”

Energy levels are not like before; I am no longer the “Energizer Bunny.”

No – definitely not the Energizer Bunny – not even close.

In fact – when I just putter along at my own pace – it seems as though I am invisible.

Only if I step out and engage, does the world even notice I’m still here.

Reflective – uh-uh-uh – have you noticed?


Cranky with changes foisted on me? I could be majorly so, if I let myself.

Insecure with new-fangled technology – I wish it didn’t intimidate me.

Time means less to me now – but it matters more –

I still have a lot I want to do, and I hope I’ll have the opportunity.

Zany and relentless as the aging process may be – I can’t stop it –

Either I accept it and do my best – or I’d better buy a comfortable recliner.

No way – not yet anyways!

Facing challenges head on is not something many of us willingly embrace, but as a senior citizen, I believe it is essential. I have to stay active mentally, and engaged in my community. Now – more than ever – I have to treasure the people I love. Being a grumpy old woman is not a viable option.

Sometimes I am astounded by all that’s happening in our world. I wonder if maybe while I was sleeping, I got beamed-up to another planet. But no – that’s not likely – and I’m not a Sci-fi fan.

Nonetheless, when it comes to movies, some of my favourites are definitely “out there”, and CONTACT is one of them. I love the part where Ellie (the protagonist played by Jodi Foster) is taking off in her spaceship. The craft is shaking so hard and she has no idea what’s happening. Yet she repeats, again and again, “I’m OK to go!”

The unknowns of aging are sometimes as scary as Ellie’s rocket ride. But this stage of my life is also full of wonder. And that’s what I plan to focus on – not on aches and pains – not on a vague fear of change.  I want to feel “OK to go” even when I’m not at all sure where life’s journey will take me next.

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I am originally from Canada but have lived in Mexico since 1976. My husband is from Merida, Yucatan and we raised our family here. We both worked for many years at Tecnologia Turistica Total (TTT), the tourism, language and multimedia college we founded for local and international students. Now retired, we enjoy spending time with family and friends, My other interests include spending time with freinds, reading, painting, cooking and travel.

14 thoughts on “I’m OK to go!

    1. Yes, age is attitude but getting used to new milestones takes a little while. I am the first of 8 siblings to reach this one, and definitely… it’s a trip. But you know me well Marianne. Once I get my head around anything, I move right along…


  1. One of the advantages of being “invisible” is that no one expects you to have the solution to almost any problem. I have come to enjoy that. A small consolation but a very real one.


  2. I totally agree with Alice T. I am not old either although people in a younger generation probably think
    I am ancient. I don’t mind at all being a “senior with a young attitude” – at least that’s what I think I am and hope I can project that image on the younger generation. There are lots of perks to being a “senior” in Canada: There is the OAS (Old Age Pension); substantial discounts on prescriptions at the drug store (the provincial health plan in BC is likely similar to that of Ontario); discounts at restaurants; a whopping 20% discount at Shoppers Drug Mart on Thursdays on almost everything in the store including cosmetics (a big saving); discounts on banking, etc., etc. You will develop an attitude of “if you don’t like me (and I have done nothing to upset you) that is your problem”. I personally found being a senior a great relief but I was blessed with a wonderful grandmother and her three sisters who averaged an age of 93 and always kept a positive, upbeat attitude and had no patience with anyone who whined and projected a “poor me” one. As long as I am blessed with my health along with good friends and family I am content. Some seniors are happy to spend their days golfing, reading or twiddling their thumbs watching the world go by. Others, like me and you too, like to be kept busy and get totally bored with an idle lifestyle. The wonderful thing is you can do whatever you like without feeling guilty or that you owe something to someone. So, enjoy, enjoy, Joanna, as the best is yet to come and, to quote a time worn cliché, you can take that to the bank..


  3. Joanna – You are making too much of a big deal of turning 65. Age is a man made concept. People just keep going along until they stop. This can be at any age. Besides, you have a wonderful, talented mind and a lovely face and body. Enjoy the moment!!! xoxo


    1. I appreciate your thoughts but I do kinda’ feel like 65 is a big deal. I am not upset, mourning my youth or any such thing – but it is a milestone and it makes me thoughtful. Most commenters today have already crossed this particular bridge and have a different perspective than I do. I am glad to hear such positive points but writing a post is one of the ways I choose to help me get comfortable with the idea.


  4. Well, there’s only one answer: live it up while you still can, girl!

    I have a dear friend, “G,” in Boston who’s about 12 years older than me, and she says that aging speeds up as you get older. I initially didn’t believe her, but I’m changing my mind.

    Also, the older you get,the more important it is to stay physically fit. I hate running, but in the past couple of years, I’ve been running about 10 miles a week. It’s not a ton, but it’s enough to stave off physical decay. And staving it off is far easier than reversing it.

    I think you’ve got a whole lotta living ahead of you. So go for it!

    Saludos y un gran abrazo,

    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Where it’d be ideal if we joined a gym.


    1. Lately, I have taken on lots of new projects… changes, changes, changes. But at least I am not bored! In Canada, where I now spend 6 months a year, I get a lot of exercise and have in fact trimmed down. You are right, a healthy body greatly improves quality of life. 65 is just a number, but it is also a milestone… and as you say, I plan to live it up.

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  5. Joanna, Joan Rivers used to say she would look at how many productive years she probably had left, saw so much she could still do with them, and as you say, just kept living it up. And you are barely older than Madonna now. And she’s still a baby. 🙂 I agree with your clever acronym. Embrace the change, own each year gratefully…….and as Joan said, NEVER forget to moisturize.


    1. Joan Rivers and Madonna certainly managed to hang on to the vitality. And in a different way, I have too… I am still very active. What has hit me on the head about aging is how FAST it happens. I do not mourn “lost youth” nor do I feel “old” but… 65 is a milestone.


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