The yearly driving rant

For about a year now, I have refrained from writing about: “Driving in Merida”. But if you are like me, you know the lack of caution and the road rage is getting worse all the time, and forgive me, but I have to vent.

Why oh why can’t the drivers sharing the streets with me use just a ‘tad more patience?

It truly seems they would just as soon crash into me as let me emerge from my driveway. Even though I look right and left, and only inch out when nothing is coming… often a car comes careening around the corner (at God-knows-what-speed) and then lays on the horn because I am in their path.

Many drivers seem to find it objectionable when I want to turn left (even from the left lane)

I know why many able-bodied drivers park in handicapped parking spaces… they don’t want to walk in the heat. But if I can walk the extra 50 meters from a normal spot, I figure they should do the same.

At intersections, it scares the life out of me when I see drivers turning two lanes into four. But to be fair, I suppose the fact that lanes are painted on very few streets could have something to do with this anomaly.

Speeding through the red light if a driver can’t see anything coming (motorcycles are especially guilty of this) is becoming the norm.

Motorcycles (especially cops on motorcycles) snaking between lanes of traffic or roaring up on my right (even when my right turn signal is blinking) frightens me so much.

Why do taxis, combis and buses… honk-honk-honk… for no good reason I can understand? It just adds to the stress when they lay on the horn because they want me to hurry up. Sometimes there are cars racing past … one after the other… and they still expect me to throw myself out there.

Talking on the cell phone while driving? Need I say more?

If you want to prevent any children , who happen to be riding in your car, from learning some really racy epitaphs that all contain the word “mother”, keep your windows closed as you crawl through traffic…

When an emergency vehicle has its siren and flashing lights on, some drivers do not pull over; they try to run in front of the ambulance or police car. Do they think it is their duty to clear the way? If they do pull over… as soon as the siren is past them, they jump back into the traffic, regardless of what’s behind them.

El Periferico is somewhere I never go. NEVER. Only those with nerves of steel, driving cars with the acceleration capacity of a Formula One vehicle should do so.

Constantly changing lanes, in order to gain a car length of advancement through the traffic seems like absolute folly.

Another thing I wonder about is the example that parents are setting for their kids… I watched one dad zoom out in front of another one that wasn’t moving fast enough through the drop-off lane in front of a school. I have also seen Merida mamas use their horns to chastise a rogue mother for cutting into the drop-off lane from the circulating one. Boy, I bet she’ll never try that again…

Parking now seems to be allowed on both sides of most streets… sometimes I have to turn my rear view windows in because if I don’t, I can’t squeeze my car between the two lanes of parked ones.

Cars park right up to the corner and so I need to put my car half way into the traffic in order to see other cars barrelling at me.

One last comment on the topic of parking… just sayin’… it is not at all cool to park in front of anyone’s garage… not even just a little bit. I once saw a sign posted in front of a garage that read; Don’t even think about parking here… my sentiments exactly!

Everyone, at one point or another, allows the stress of driving to force them into taking chances they should not take. An unsafe pass… running a stop sign or a light on red… scooting out quickly when it isn’t safe. But in all seriousness, we should consider the fact that driving a car is tad amount to carrying a loaded weapon. When we do something foolish and careless, we never imagine that we will really hurt anyone… do we? We always expect we’ll slip past in the nick of time… like we have always done before. It would do us well to really consider what the moral (not to mention the financial) cost would be if we hurt… or God forbid… killed someone.

My friend Theresa once said: You should stop driving when you feel you’ve lost your nerve. Good advice… and you know what? I think I see a lot more Uber in my life.

Published by Changes in our Lives

I am originally from Canada but have lived in Mexico since 1976. My husband is from Merida, Yucatan and we raised our family here. We both worked for many years at Tecnologia Turistica Total (TTT), the tourism, language and multimedia college we founded for local and international students. Now retired, we enjoy spending time with family and friends, My other interests include spending time with freinds, reading, painting, cooking and travel.

4 thoughts on “The yearly driving rant

  1. Use Uber, makes life much simpler, probably less expensive, too. Sit in the middle of the back seat, with seatbelt on. Traffic in any big city is becoming impossible.


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