Is the thrill is gone… or does it live on?

For quite a few years, I enjoyed seeing what would be delivered to me each day, courtesy of FACEBOOK. I got to read updates from long lost friends. I saw photographs of their grandchildren, home re-dos, celebrations and holiday trips. I loved the clever posts (like the one featured above) I truly appreciate the option of chatting online by text, audio or video… whenever I want to.

Now though, it seems when I first open FACEBOOK I receive just a few posts from family and friends who I’m glad to hear from. But it doesn’t take much time for the disruptive pop-up ads to start flashing in my face. And not long after that, control of what I see on my screen seems to get wrenched from my grip. I am unwillingly to watch a string of videos compiled for “enquiring minds”.  But no matter how long I click, tap and scroll down I can’t exit the site. I don’t know how social media’s information gathering has become convinced that I need a steady stream of stories that feature alien encounters, celebrity gossip, footage of disasters or investment-opportunities that will have me rolling in cash within a month – or sometimes as little as a week – Sign up now!

And meanwhile, topics I care about deeply, are not mentioned at all. So rather than daily posting on FACEBOOK, I think I will be better off writing less frequent entries on this blogsite. I had my first blog, WRITING FROM MERIDA for 10 years. Then I inadvertently deleted it. The content was preserved but I could no longer navigate the site. So sad, and yes, a period of mourning ensued. But CHANGES IN OUR LIVES came along, and while I’ve been a bit fickle with the poor thing, I am going to try to do better. It’s good for me.

Having a blog is like keeping a diary. It records random thoughts and it gives me a voice when I need one. It is both a warm-up session for my other writing and when I am blocked or just don’t want to work on my novel, I can use the blogsite as an escape.

A few of my site’s followers have asked me if I plan to stay in Merida for the duration of the pandemic. The answer is yes, yes I do. I travelled to Canada this summer for taxes, banking etc. and I realised that here or there or wherever… we are all facing the same issues. Do I mind the voluntary isolation? I don’t mind a bit … until I want to go out.” Some days I spend hours writing or painting. I also have a sewing project and of course, the un-ending photograph sorting. This lock-down period has given me time to finally face all the jobs I’ve been putting off. Whether I get to them or not is another story.

And so, I’ll leave you for now. I need to check my FACEBOOK messages and notifications before turning off the light.

Some habits die hard, don’t they?

Published by Changes in our Lives

I am originally from Canada but have lived in Mexico since 1976. My husband is from Merida, Yucatan and we raised our family here. We both worked for many years at Tecnologia Turistica Total (TTT), the tourism, language and multimedia college we founded for local and international students. Now retired, we enjoy spending time with family and friends, My other interests include spending time with freinds, reading, painting, cooking and travel.

17 thoughts on “Is the thrill is gone… or does it live on?

  1. What I’ve done with facebok is block just about everything, politics from both sides, all the ‘news’ feeds, just about anything that I just don’t want to bother with twice. It has taken years and it is an ongoing effort but I get very little that I’m not interested in. I’ve blocked all of my wingnut friends,( I don’t want to be awkward with them when I see them in person). I can’t be offended by things I don’t see, so one off the wall post and it is the block button. If they persist in the messenger service, and three have, I unfriend them-send them on their way. The three were guys from school, high school and college, who ironically I helped through their time at school. And now, I’m the dumbass. The block button is your friend.


    1. Norm — I wish the block button was a bit more honest. It should send a customizable message along the lines of: “I have blocked you. I still respect you. You are one of God’s creatures. But your recent opinions seem to have become a stranger to reality. If you had said similar things at a dinner party in my house, I would ask you to leave. Blocking is far less embarrassing to both of us.”


      1. Oh boy! No one has ever asked me to leave their dinner party and I don’t think I have been blocked by anyone I care about. But then, how would I know that? The distance that social media allows seems to make some people think they can say whatever they want. In a way it is like driving… people are more rude behind the wheel than they’d ever be in a conversation. I suppose we should strive to be kind and considerate and hope that our sentiments are conveyed as we intend.


      2. I always send a message before I block someone- why and for how long, it is just being polite. If it is for good, I’m up front about it . Life is too short to get in a snit over social media. I don’t know what it is but it makes some people more bold than they are in person.
        “Blocking is far less embarrassing to both of us.” Nice line , that one, Mr. Cotton.


  2. I have vastly improved my FaceBook experience by installing a little extension called “Social Fixer” ( It hides most sponsored posts, political ads, even parts of the page if you want, keeps your feed in “most recent” setting, etc., etc. I could not enjoy FB without it!

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    1. The block button is my friend… oh Norm… you forget my Canadian PC-ness. I have never blocked a person, not even the sadly off-his-rocker blogger from Michoacan. The businesses that get in my face, I will delete, but that awful video feed… try as I do will not go away. Good to hear from you again. Are you in Mexico or will you be this winter… you still haven’t shown up in Merida, as promised. Oh well, you’re welcome whenever you can make it.


      1. Linda and I have a new crop of Grandkids, our parents are elderly , both groups require our efforts so Merida and my beloved ruins will have to wait. I managed seven years of snowbirding-I’m lucky to get in a week of skiing these days.

        I block people all the time, it is not personal, I just don’t need or want the aggravation. If they hold it against me-water off a duck. They call it social media, if they can’t be civil, it is not social so out the door they go.

        I’m glad you are blogging again. I’ve always enjoyed your leadership.


  3. A few months ago I heard about a “system”, for want of a better word, on facebook that would filter out all ads, political messages, countless organizations asking for money, etc. I tried it and it worked well at first Now it has gone back to the scrapheap format of facebook. What was intended to be a medium for keeping in touch with close friends is now a tool for promoting causes and stuff. I will try the social fixer referred to above by Allison and see.

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    1. I’ve heard others say the same thing… social media platforms have their own aims, and the main one is to engage as many accounts as possible. So redirecting will work for awhile, and when it seems that FB is no longer being consistant in following what we’ve directed they do with our account, we have to “reassert “. It takes a lot of time and effort to manage our accounts as well as we should.


  4. From the time I first heard about Facebook, I’ve never understood why anyone would want to be on it, and I understand less each day. While I love getting emails from friends and family, I can’t bear mass mailings. not even the old kind that began with “Dear Resident.”

    I’m ashamed to tell anyone how many times I’ve gone to YouTube to hear Kate Heideke Miller sing “The Facebook Song,” aka “Are You Fucking Kidding Me?”


    1. My feeling go hot and cold. Because of facebook I have been reconnected with several childhood friends… and I have enjoyed that. Reading everyone-who-lives-on-the-glabe rant abut politics is not so enjoyable. So as I say, I go through spurts of activity and nonactivity.


  5. My life on Facebook has reverted to nothing more than posting links to my blog. The platform is now a mirror for the worst natures within us. I have been invited to co-administer a local Facebook page. I have declined because it would mean reading and screening the content — most of it being the type of whining I try to avoid in life.

    I cannot claim to be a self-isolator. I get out of he house as much as I did before March — which is not a lot. None of my Mexican neighbors have any concern. No masks (other than in Oxxo and Kiosko) and certainly no distancing. With all that, our virus counts appears to be low. With all of our tourist trade, that surprises me.


    1. It is hard to explain… some places seem to be higher than others for no obvious reason. Maybe because there is more wind in Barra, the virus is blown away? It is another of life’s mysteries I will never understand.

      As for facebook… it is ironic that when I posted my anti-facebook sentiments, my feed instantly improved. Go figure…


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