A Writer? You?

Yesterday I met a young woman who told me her dream is to write a book.  She said she has never taken any writing courses, and she has no writing experience.  She said she has no idea how to start writing. She feels her dream is unattainable. Later in the evening, my mind returned toContinue reading “A Writer? You?”

Four Sisters and a Passel of Other People

I have seen lots of my sisters, Anne, Barb, Cathy since arriving in Kamloops last June. We have cooked, shopped, wine tasted, gone for drives along back roads and dog walked. Not earth-shattering entertainment – but just the sorts of things that sisters enjoy together. We have all recently moved into new digs. I amContinue reading “Four Sisters and a Passel of Other People”

The Pumpkin Patch

The weather has turned cold in Kamloops. I don’t know exactly how cold, but when I go outside, within seconds my fingers and toes feel like they’ve been dunked in ice water and my nose starts running like a tap. But staying cooped-up all day is not an option either. So, yesterday when my niece,Continue reading “The Pumpkin Patch”