A Fathers’ Day letter for my husband, Jorge

In late April of 1981, just outside the brightly-lit delivery room of the Clinica de Merida, you met your son, Carlos. Because he cried during the post-natal tests, his face had turned bright red and little gasps punctuated his breathing. From my prone position on the gurney wheeling along behind him, I looked to youContinue reading “A Fathers’ Day letter for my husband, Jorge”

Can we be politically correct “In Time of COVID 19”

As a child, were you cautioned to “mind your manners”? I sure was. My parents taught me to respect others’ rights and not criticise their choices and beliefs. Live and let live, Mom and Dad told us. But there are times when we have to speak plainly, they added, and you will recognise when thoseContinue reading “Can we be politically correct “In Time of COVID 19””