The only constant is change. Over the years, I’ve quoted this apparent oxymoron over and over again. In fact, the first paragraph of Magic Made in Mexico – my book for international residents in Mexico – emphasizes this very point: I’ve often wondered what would happen if we could recognize pivotal times in our personalContinue reading “Changes”

Guatemala: What Dreams May Come?

Originally posted on Writing From Merida:
With all my heart, I believe that as we “grow up”, we don’t have to “grow old”. On a friend’s blog today, I read a piece of creative fiction about dreaming.  Her words inspired me to write today’s post. Earlier this month when I traveled to Belize and Guatemala,…

Mole Poblano – A Recipe From the City of Angels

MOLE POBLANO (for 8 persons) Place the following ingredients in a large pot and completely cover with water (about 3 quarts). Put on the lid and bring to the boil, then lower the heat and stew everything for 1/2 hour. 2 chickens, cut into quarters, skin removed ½ med. white onion, chopped coarsely 4 wholeContinue reading “Mole Poblano – A Recipe From the City of Angels”