This is not cool at all…

Disclaimer: I have been prodded into writing this opinion piece by people blabbing away on the forums. Many who post on First MERIDA AMIGOS ask reasonable questions or write supportive opinion but there are some who should not be so … I am Canadian and am often teased by Americans because my countrymen and womenContinue reading “This is not cool at all…”

How we are handling COVID 19 (today anyways…)

  Wednesday March 11th, the COVID 19 pandemic was officially announced by the World Health Organization, and we sent our housekeeper, Rosana back to her village with 2 week’s wages, and said we’d be in touch after the end of the month. As the government suggested, Jorge and I began our “voluntary isolation”. Good thingContinue reading “How we are handling COVID 19 (today anyways…)”