Have we reached critical mass?

Yesterday I attended a meeting convened by Merida’s city administration. The officials present were: Guibaldo Vargas Madrazo: Office of the Mayor IA Mario Arturo Romero Escalante: Chief of Police Mario Arturo KaramEspósitos: Director of Urban Development CP Carolina Cárdenas Sosa: Director of Tourism and Economic Development A wide cross-section of approximately 80 people showed upContinue reading “Have we reached critical mass?”

Consider this

  Yesterday I wrote about residents’ concerns over the noise level in downtown Merida. From the comments on social media, I conclude that a number of people do not fully understand the situation. Some wrote that the residents who are complaining are “intolerant” and  “un-cool”. Fine, I guess that everyone has the right to anContinue reading “Consider this”