Protecting Merida’s Quality of Life

Merida is a wonderful place to live… just look at the statistics documenting the numbers of people moving here from other states in Mexico and from other countries . So many settle here for the “quality of life”- However, the “quality” is at risk for homeowners in Merida’s “Centro” (the downtown area). There are nowContinue reading “Protecting Merida’s Quality of Life”

The eyes have it…

“I am sure many people compliment you on your eyes,” I said to a woman I met last week. “Just as they must comment on yours,” she replied. Between two international residents, such an exchange would sound strange, but my new acquaintance is not from the United States, Canada or a European country. Her brightlyContinue reading “The eyes have it…”


The only constant is change. Over the years, I’ve quoted this apparent oxymoron over and over again. In fact, the first paragraph of Magic Made in Mexico – my book for international residents in Mexico – emphasizes this very point: I’ve often wondered what would happen if we could recognize pivotal times in our personalContinue reading “Changes”