Elena Poniatowska II

  Today I am going to write more about lunch with the writer, Elena Poniatowska. Elena Poniatowska is a firm supporter of Mexico’s recently-instated president, Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO). In fact she has been his advocate since 2006 when he ran against the victorious PAN candidate. It is generally agreed that AMLO lost thatContinue reading “Elena Poniatowska II”

Elena Poniatowska I

Inside the Actors Studio with moderator James Lipton is a TV program I always enjoyed watching. Now-a-days though, dated YouTube re-runs are all I can see. Mr. Lipton always asked the same simple questions, but the content never seemed repetative because his non-aggressive style relaxed his guests to the point that they’d reveal more aboutContinue reading “Elena Poniatowska I”

I could not have said it better…

Life goes on. Today marks two weeks since my sister’s tragic, sudden death. My family’s emotional roller coaster ride is starting to level out, but nonetheless, we still feel like sheets hanging on the line – in a cloudy sky – we know the rain might come at any moment. Don’t you love this photoContinue reading “I could not have said it better…”