The heat in Yucatan

Have you noticed that most people have been in a good mood for the past couple of days? A few drivers (one of them behind the wheel of a bus!) actually let me merge into the traffic. The neighborhood dogs have barked less, and all over town, folks are out and about. Obviously, the coolerContinue reading “The heat in Yucatan”

Have we reached critical mass?

Yesterday I attended a meeting convened by Merida’s city administration. The officials present were: Guibaldo Vargas Madrazo: Office of the Mayor IA Mario Arturo Romero Escalante: Chief of Police Mario Arturo KaramEspósitos: Director of Urban Development CP Carolina Cárdenas Sosa: Director of Tourism and Economic Development A wide cross-section of approximately 80 people showed upContinue reading “Have we reached critical mass?”

Consider this

  Yesterday I wrote about residents’ concerns over the noise level in downtown Merida. From the comments on social media, I conclude that a number of people do not fully understand the situation. Some wrote that the residents who are complaining are “intolerant” and  “un-cool”. Fine, I guess that everyone has the right to anContinue reading “Consider this”