Maybe we need to think again?

Like most children growing up in Canada during the 1950s and 60s, I knew a lot about WWII history; it hadn’t been long since “the war” ended, and many families had lost uncles and fathers. As teenagers we became aware that war, disease and famine made life hell-on-earth in many parts of the world; inContinue reading “Maybe we need to think again?”

It’s Time to Travel said my Heart… Definitely, said my Soul

The countdown has begun… Are you ready? We’ll be boarding the bus in exactly four months’ time…   Southern Campeche & Quintana Roo Adventure Thursday February 20th – Tuesday February 25th, 2020 We took this trip a few years ago. The thrill of seeing these Maya sites deep in the forest, without all the touristContinue reading “It’s Time to Travel said my Heart… Definitely, said my Soul”