Is the thrill is gone… or does it live on?

For quite a few years, I enjoyed seeing what would be delivered to me each day, courtesy of FACEBOOK. I got to read updates from long lost friends. I saw photographs of their grandchildren, home re-dos, celebrations and holiday trips. I loved the clever posts (like the one featured above) I truly appreciate the optionContinue reading “Is the thrill is gone… or does it live on?”

Be kind, be careful, be safe…

I’ve been absent from this blog for quite some time… indeed there have been many “Changes in our Lives”. The pandemic began on March 13th… nearly 6 months ago. The weeks crawled by and I found myself with COVID hair (AKA an over-grown haircut) and COVID size pants (No explanation needed) I needed a mani-pedi.Continue reading “Be kind, be careful, be safe…”