I could not have said it better…

Life goes on. Today marks two weeks since my sister’s tragic, sudden death. My family’s emotional roller coaster ride is starting to level out, but nonetheless, we still feel like sheets hanging on the line – in a cloudy sky – we know the rain might come at any moment. Don’t you love this photoContinue reading “I could not have said it better…”

Changes in Yucatan… maybe

During my first years in Yucatan, I learned a lot about common practices in the area. And inevitably when I asked why almost everything happened in such established, prescribed way, I’d be told –  “Es costumbre” – “This is the way it’s done.” For example, it was considered folly to wash clothes in the afternoon.Continue reading “Changes in Yucatan… maybe”

Finding a new orbit at 3 am

I woke up with David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” blasting in my brain. … Ground Control to Major Tom Ground Control to Major Tom Take your protein pills and put your helmet on … Although it doesn’t happen often, this is not the first time my sleep has been interrupted by a song. It happens whenContinue reading “Finding a new orbit at 3 am”