March 8, 2021: International Women’s Day

I am up early this morning, wondering what will transpire on this day. A call has been issued by most governments of the world urging “restraint”. Plainly said: Now ladies, let’s be reasonable. Please refrain from defacing public buildings and toppling monuments to macho accomplishments. Dealing with millions of angry women marching in the streetsContinue reading “March 8, 2021: International Women’s Day”

How my writing career began: Part Three

In 1992, when I decided to stop writing for “The News”, I found out how much my writing meant to me. But as I’ve said, with everything that was going on, I did not have time to worry about it. Using just a typewriter, even the state-of-the-art one I had – electric with automatic shifting,Continue reading “How my writing career began: Part Three”