OXXO to the rescue!

I have lived in Merida for a long time, but yesterday, I got lost. I know the way from my daughter’s home in Las Americas, to mine in García Ginerés. But in the dark, when the city neglects to turn on the roadside lights, EVERYTHING looks different, doesn’t it? I tried not to panic whenContinue reading “OXXO to the rescue!”

Guadalupe – Reyes

  Many a confused northerner has asked: What is Guadalupe – Reyes? Well, unless you have been living under a rock, you’ve noticed that Merida is an extremely social place – all year ‘round – but the revelry goes into hyper drive at the end of the outgoing year and the first week of theContinue reading “Guadalupe – Reyes”

Cartas a Frida

    I do not often review a restaurant on this blog, but yesterday I had a delightful experience that I want to share… To start with, if you are in Yucatan right now, you know the weather has been beastly hot and humid.  The temperature usually drops after sunset, yet last night at 8Continue reading “Cartas a Frida”