The day after…


The Canadian flag – made up of Canadians

I have lived most of my life in Mexico, where outpourings of love for country are common. On festive days, music blares, tequila flows and food is consumed with absolutely no concern for the heart’s arteries. All ages dress up in crazy costumes and silly hats, hugs and kisses for everyone – I love it!

Canadians are known for wearing maple leaf lapel pins and flying their flag on the front lawn. In the spirit of solidarity, they are fiercely devoted to their own musicians, celebrities, and Tim Hortons. They can get worked up at hockey games, but otherwise, Canadians are as prudent as their politics.

Not yesterday though! To celebrate Canada 150, I saw a fun-loving, collective show of patriotism such as I never imagined could take place in this country. The same funky clothing and headgear (but red & white, not tricolor), loud music, uninhibited dancing and fireworks all along the horizon – I had such a great day!

Canadians of all ages enjoyed the party


Canadians of all backgrounds too…


The RCMP in my home town of North Vancouver saluted the country from the Capilano Suspension Bridge


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau – “This is Canada… this is home!”